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Senate Moves for Sanctions on Nations ‘Helping’ Snowden | Common Dreams.

– Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted unanimously Thursday to slam sanctions on any country aiding NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, marking a serious escalation in a global manhunt which has stoked almost as much international outrage as the US spying scandal itself.

The 30-member Senate panel reached complete consensus on the measure—brought forward by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)—which will be tacked onto a spending bill that still has several steps to go through before becoming law.

The bill would require the State Department to work with Congress to develop a plan for imposing sanctions against countries that help Snowden escape extradition to the US.

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ABSTRACT: While the use of the filibuster in the US Senate gets more attention, the obstructionism and extremism in the US House is more insidious. And it is no less harmful. One of the tactics in the House is the so-called “Hastert rule.” It stipulates that no piece of legislation will be voted on unless over half the members of the Republican majority support it. Therefore, 27% of the members of the House – barely over one quarter – can stop progress. The bipartisan immigration reform bill that the Senate passed is a current example of legislation that this conservative minority has blocked from consideration. It has meant that bipartisan compromises negotiated by the current Republican House Speaker John Boehner are rejected. Legislation that does pass the House is generally so conservative that it has no chance of becoming law. This is a major contributor to the current gridlock…

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