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In a recent editorial by the New York Times the editors endorsed Cory Booker for senate, defending Booker from “denigration” by his opponents by lifting up Booker’s “assets” including “his fame, his ability to work with Republicans, [and] his coziness with the moneyed class.” So essentially, The Times just endorsed a candidate for being a crony for Wall Street and corporate interests, declaring it an ‘asset’ that voters should look for in their next senator.

Let’s examine the “assets” of Cory Booker’s relationships with the “moneyed class,” first.

Booker is a known lap-dog for corporate interests, always has been, in fact if he hadn’t taken over half a million dollars from Wall Street, he wouldn’t have become mayor in the first place in 2002. So it’s no surprise that during the 2012 election, Booker called President Obama’s criticism of Mitt Romney for his involvement in Bain Capitol “nauseating,” then droned…

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