“Why The American People Rightly Despise Congress”


“These recent maneuverings inside the beltway are precisely why the American people rightly despise Congress.” 

So says Senator David Vitter (R-LA) about the most recent Obamacare exemption bestowed upon another select group.  Members of Congress and their staff will have 75% of their Obamacare premiums paid by the taxpayers (you and me.)  The law says they are required to obtain their insurance through the exchanges just like the rest of us.  But they claim they won’t be able to afford such high premiums.  Boo hoo.

So they are getting a pass.

Employees at the IRS, represented by their union, don’t want Obamacare either.  Acting IRS chief Danny Werfel told Congress, “I would prefer to stay with the current policy that I’m pleased with rather than go through a change if I don’t need to go through that change.”

I feel your pain, Mr. Werfel.  We all do.

Thousands of Obamacare…

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