Opinion: The less this Congress does, the better

NBC Latino

There is a lot of handwringing going on today about the lack of production in Congress before they go off to recess. With only 22 bills passed before the recess, this Congress marks a new low in a history of lows.

Not since the Republican Revolution, after Newt Gingrich and his upstart stable of young conservative ideologues won him fifty-four seats in the House and eight seats in the Senate, has Congress been so preoccupied with establishing their ideological bona fides with their constituents rather than actual governing.

Back then it was the Clinton Whitewater scandal and the Kenneth Starr investigation that sucked all the air out of Congress.  This time around, Republicans have been obsessed with equally fruitless extracurricular activities, such as their fanatical preoccupation with Benghazi-gate, the IRS scandal, and Obamacare.

But there is a reason Americans have so little regard for Congress.  With an approval rating…

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