The fight for a “living wage”

NBC Latino

This week thousands of fast food workers staged a series of one-day strikes during peak mealtimes in seven cities across the United States. The campaign is pressuring fast-food chains to pay a “living wage” of $15 an hour.

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama called to increase the minimum wage to $9 earlier this year, but labor groups and protesters are demanding about double the amount they currently earn.

Stephanie Hernandez-Gonzalez, a former cafeteria worker in Texas, says that raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour would help, but that it’s still not enough to live on.

Hernandez-Gonzalez began working at a school cafeteria after her temporary administrative job ended. She says it was the only job she could find at the time. As an administrative assistant, she was earning $14 an hour, but at the cafeteria she was paid minimum wage– $7.25 an hour– and was only offered…

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